Mr. Michael Montie

Mr. Michael Montie

LCSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

My Philosophy of Treatment and Experience

I believe the core of therapy is healing. Healing comes in many forms, such as creating optimum functioning in mind, body and spirit. Another important aspect of therapy involves the therapeutic relationship. Being open to your feedback, building a trust, and be a co-creator in change is at the essence of what I do.

I can utilize my experience with mindful meditation, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy and in creating a life where you can come to get to know your passions and create a new outlook, and most of all, rid yourself of the pain of depression, the fears and worry of anxiety and the injuries of the past. I have worked with individuals suffering from all forms of depression, addiction, and anxiety, bereavement and loss or and a variety maladaptive behavior patterns.

I like to build on the strengths and successes rather than the weaknesses of each person or family. And I often focus on emotional reactions that occur within the therapy session, to help people examine and manage the patterns that may be hurting them in daily life.

I am an experienced couple’s therapist, having been trained at The Council for Relationships. I hope to help each of you (partners) find healing in the other eliminating negative patterns (such as escalating conflict, long-term resentment, addictions, affairs), creating new positive energy and being able to enjoy each other in all ways– the reason you began your relationship in the first place.

My 22 years at Catholic Social Services, have taught me that everyone has a chance to be whom God (Creator, etc.) intended. Understanding the essence of you and your spiritual being can often have an important impact on how you develop and heal. It is your choice to bring this into our work and I respect all forms of belief (and have worked with individuals who identify with variety of beliefs).

As a clinical supervisor for have of much of my professional experience, I have supervised student interns in the field and seeing them grow and change, has helped me understand the different ways therapists can be effective healers. I will continue to provide clinical supervision and consult with other therapists or other mental health professionals who you might need to coordinate treatment in order to maximize our efforts for you.

Children and family dynamics are important part of my work. When parents see their children suffer, they want to know what works and they become important allies partners in the work I do– to understand, effect change in communication. Helping parents understand the way their children hear them, addressing questions around effective discipline, or coping with the loss of a family member and developing a closer relationship with their children all which become important to the success of their children. I have provided therapy to children ages 5 and above and particularly enjoy the challenge of adolescents those who have many gifts and potential which can be realized when supported and given opportunities to speak about who they are becoming.

I have helped many families on the journey to see each family member in a different light. overcoming the obstacles of “bad behavior”, “stuck patterns”, arguments and fighting. I have addressed re-marriage and blended family issues, family of origin concerns, adoption, kids diagnosed with ADHD, learning disabilities and other academic problems.

I have a special interest and expertise in working with gender-specific issues. This means I feel have a acute awareness of the issues women face challenges in dealing with single parenthood, abuse, transitions such as divorce or separation, being caretakers of elderly parents or a spouse and the pressure of the multitude of various roles that women assume.

I am very aware of the isolation of some men, the anger that might be a result of displaced depression, and the feeling of loneliness that accompany a man who has devoted his life to providing, but without seeking support from or engaging friends or family.

My work as a clinical social worker has helped me understand the importance of your environment which can include various aspects of you your culture, race, ethnicity play important roles in evaluating what works best for you.

In the end, the best I have to offer is my care, sensitivity and work for you, which, together, hopefully enable you to make the changes you desire. I have great passion for my work and feel my best when I know you are at your best. As Carl Rogers, a pre-eminent psychologist once said, “When I look at the world, I am pessimistic, when I look at people, I am optimistic”.

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