Ms. Kimberlie Taylor

Ms. Kimberlie Taylor


Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Personal Statement:

Kimberlie Taylor is a board certified PMHNP. Ms. Taylor provides medication management, holistic care, and brief solution focused therapy and has over 10 years experience working in mental health and addictions.

Kimberlie is passionate about nutritional psychiatry.  Nutritional psychiatry examines food consumption, and the negative symptom offten associated with poor dietary intake.

Ms. Taylor worked as a psychiatric Nurse for 10 years before pursuing her Masters Degree. Ms. Taylor also has a BA in sociology from The College of Staten Island, BSN in Nursing from LaSalle U, and completed her Masters Degree at Walden University.

Prior to her nursing career, Kimberlie worked in social services with NYC Administration for Children Services. Kimberlie’s entire work history has been dedicated to helping individuals, families and communities.

Kimberlie  takes great pride in being a compassionate practitioner, providing holistic, individualized care.

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