Ms. Rayna Vinson

Ms. Rayna Vinson


Personal Statement:

Why? I have always been interested in the why. Why do we do things? Why was that the response? Why are reactions to the exact situations different? How did that happen? Why did that happen? To be clear, why is not always a negative question. It is a question that explores the many reasons.

To know and understand, you must know and understand the why? When dealing with Trauma, it is essential to note that the “why” is often associated with fear.

Background on Trauma. Trauma does not always have to be an extreme case, i.e., a death of a loved one, going to war, etc. Trauma can be as simple as getting fired from a job, losing a friendship, breaking up with a romantic partner. Trauma is a world of its own; however, we can learn a lot from Trauma.

Working with children and young adults from a traumatic background and may have experienced Trauma is my specialty; however, working with adults is just as important. As a student in this field, it is essential to help my clients understand their Trauma, pain, reasons, purposes, etc. I want to provide children and young adults with the space and tools to break open those very reasons, thoughts, and feelings. “Exploration is a major key to success.”

Therapeutic Goals

3 main goals:


  1. To help my client explore the world of therapy and help them gain
    insights into new ideas, perspectives, reasons, and understanding.
  2. To provide clients with help, power, knowledge, understanding,
    accountability, and responsibilities through their current journey.
  3.  To embrace new interventions, therapies, and coping skills


Indiana University of Pennsylvania 2012-2015

  •  Bachelor of Arts
    • Major: Psychology
    • Minor: Sociology

Liberty University

  •  Master of Arts 2015-2017
    •  Crisis and Trauma Counseling

Walden University

  •  Master of Arts
    • Clinical Mental Health – addiction

DISCLAIMER: Sessions with Ms. Rayna Vinson are charged at a flat rate of $55 per session, as she is not credentialed with any insurance company. This is an ideal option for patients with high copays/deductibles who are open to lower cost options. 

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