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HOLIDAY ADMINISTRATIVE CLOSURES: Billing Department–Closed 4PM 12/15/2023-7AM 1/2/2024; Medical Records Department–Closed 4PM 12/20/2023-7:30AM 1/2/2024; Intake Department–Closed 4PM 12/22/2023-8AM 1/2/2024. All outreach to these departments will receive a response after the new year. Multiple messages will not expedite requests.

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              Visit my offices: Marple Commons 2002 Sproul Road, 3rd Floor, Broomall, 19008

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              Please note that emails sent through this page are no more secure than emails sent through any other email program, though the connection to our server is now secured. You may want to limit what you say in your email. Please do not use email to convey personal information, as it is not secure. Please be aware that emails sent using this form may be read by Psych Choices staff other than your provider. Please do not use email to schedule, cancel or change an appointment within the next week. Please telephone the office instead.

              Use the email form below to contact office staff. The only way to email your provider directly is to use the email address he or she may have provided to you, which may also be printed on your appointment card. Note that some providers prefer not to use email at all.

              Phone Extensions

              Call us on 610-626-8085

              Administrative Staff

              Practice Owner Mr. Damani P. Irby xx 1010

              Psychiatry Director Ms. Deanna Palacios xx 1020

              Practice Manager Ms. Stephanie Winthrop xx 1004

              Billing Manager Ms. Marcy Goff xx 1006




              Billing Assistant Mr. Paul Fox xx 1008

              Billing Assistant Ms. Rachel Goff xx 1008

              Intake Scheduler Ms. Julia Simone xx 1007



              Reception Desk Mr. Albert Zambriczki xx 1001

              Medical Records xx 1002

              Provider Staff

              Dr. Emily Bernstein xx 1015

              Ms. Marissa Adamczyk xx

              Ms. Kathryn E Dobbs xx 1021

              Dr. James Abiola xx

              Mr. Joshua Clemmons xx

              Dr. Charles Gallagher xx 1018

              Ms. Valerie Glauser xx 1013

              Ms. Alexandra Cimorelli xx 1032

              Ms. Allison Keidat xx 1023

              Ms. Stephanie Thomas xx 1031

              Dr. Fred McKinney xx 1014

              Dr. Frances Meehan xx 1016

              Mr. Michael Montie xx 1017

              Ms. Debbie Robinson xx 1029

              Mr. Damani P. Irby xx 1010

              Ms. Carla Thompson xx 1011

              Ms. Stephanie Francois xx 1026

              Mr. Jeff Boudwin xx

              Ms. Tamar Joseph xx