Family Counseling

What is Family Therapy?

Family therapy, or family counseling, not only helps family members learn to get along better with one another, but also can help individuals in the family change their behaviors and begin to feel better in many ways. It is often an important part of treatment when someone struggles with substance abuse, eating disorders, behavior problems or mental illness

A family may include any two or more individuals who are related or who live in a close relationship with one another. A family session may include married or unmarried parents and their children; divorced parents; stepparents; grandparents, adult siblings, foster parents, or many other kinds of family groups.

A family therapist is trained to be as objective as possible, to avoid taking sides, but rather to help each individual in the family better understand each of the others. In treatment, family members may learn parenting strategies, communication and problem-solving skills. They may learn to understand and empathize better with one another, and may gain insight into themselves.

Most insurance plans will cover family therapy as a part of treatment for the insured individual. The cost of family therapy sessions is about the same as for an individual session.

silhouette of family working together during therapy