Our COVID-19 Response

Dear Current, Past, and Prospective Patients,

We understand and share the concerns surrounding the continued increase in COVID-19 cases. Psych Choices has decided not to move to all in-office visits at this time to continue to do our part in preventing the potential spread of this virus. However, some therapists may choose to take part in very limited in-office hours at their discretion starting the week of 7/13/2020. Not every Psych Choices provider will be holding in-office visits, and those who do will not be doing so for every appointment. Please speak directly to your provider to clarify if your visits will continue as telehealth or be held in-office. At this time, no medication management appointments will be held in-office at Psych Choices.

We’ve implemented the following health and safety procedures and precautions in accordance with CDC guidelines which must be followed when entering the Psych Choices suite:

1. Masks are required in all common areas (reception, waiting room, hallways, etc.)
2. 6ft social distancing must be observed and we have limited waiting room seating to allow for this.
3. All reading materials, children’s toys, etc. have been removed from our waiting room.
4. We’re requesting patients arrive no more than 3-5 minutes prior to the start of your appointment time. If you arrive earlier, you’ll be asked to wait in your car or the lobby common area until 3-5 minutes prior to your appointment.
5. No more than one guest/companion may accompany any patient, unless attending a pre-approved family session. Patients with childcare issues should continue to request telehealth sessions with their provider for as long as insurance will allow.
6. We have increased our availability of hand sanitizer within the office, and will be installing sanitizing stations once stocks are replenished nationwide.
7. Mandatory temperature checks for all staff are in place at the start of every shift. Patients are requested to confirm their temperatures are below 100.3 before leaving for their in-office appointments. If you have a fever or other symptoms, you should alert your provider and do not come to the office, you will not be charged for cancellations in these instances.
8. Your provider will open all doors for you leading into your session to limit touch. Commonly touched spaces will be sanitized frequently and thorough cleaning, with special attention to all high touch areas, will occur nightly.

If you have questions or concerns about Psych Choices’ COVID-19 response or procedures, please e-mail office@psychchoices.com.

Kind regards,

Stephanie Winthrop, M.Ed.
Practice Manager