Dr Frances Meehan

Dr Frances Meehan

Psy.D. Clinical Psychologist

Personal Statement:

Have you lost an important relationship in your life through death, divorce, or separation? Are you struggling with losses or challenging health problems related to aging? Do you sometimes suffer with feelings of sadness, worthlessness, or excessive worry?

As an experienced clinical psychologist, I can provide a safe place where you can talk about what you are going through. I can offer hope, and guide you to find practical solutions. I can help you build the skills you need to cope more effectively with life’s challenges.

If you have depression or anxiety, I like to use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques to help you learn to change the self-defeating thinking or behavior patterns that may be keeping you stuck and unable to move forward in your life. I especially like helping people who may have great difficulty managing their emotions and their lives.

I also enjoy working with a psychodynamic approach, to help you explore how your past experiences have affected your present-day thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

A special interest of mine is working with individuals who are going through divorce. I can help you manage your expectations, set new goals, re-imagine your future after divorce, and navigate the grief process so that you can arrive at a place of acceptance and rebuild your self-esteem.

If the process of aging has been a challenge for you, with diminished health, or loss of family or friends, I can help you find new resources, take risks, and better manage the losses that are a part of life, so that you can begin to see yourself as aging gracefully.

Education & Experience

  • Villanova University Bachelor of Arts in Psychology: 1989
  • Widener University Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology: 1997
  • Psychotherapist at Psychological Services & Human Development Center, Swarthmore, PA: 2002-2013
  • Clinical Supervisor and Psychotherapist, Adult Outpatient Program, Intercommunity Action, Inc., Philadelphia, PA: 1995-Present
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