Dr. Fred McKinney

Dr. Fred McKinney

Ph.D., Psychologist

Personal Statement:

I love my work, because doing therapy is a way of living a key spiritual value that I hold: the importance of working on my own spiritual growth in order to better help other people. It is a real privilege to have developed the type of work that I do, that has helped me live out this value.

I believe that life is hard, and people are vulnerable. Not everyone is lucky enough to have an environment that helps them cope with the hard times. I have found that the key to good psychotherapy is the healing relationship. There is a growing body of research that tells us that it is not a specific technique or theory that leads to the most effective therapy. Rather, what really makes a difference is being able to relate with the person who is suffering, to be with them and to care for them.

When you come into my office for psychotherapy, I will begin by listening to your story. As I get to know you, I will better understand what specific techniques may best help you in your unique situation. I may help you learn to relax, in many cases using mindfulness meditation techniques to help you find a calm space to focus on yourself and become aware of yourself. I may be able to help you figure out whether your suffering is more physical, located in the body or the brain and nervous system; or whether your suffering is primarily caused by what’s in the mind, your negative thoughts, for example.

Learning about brain function can sometimes help people get over feeling guilty about their own suffering, the attitude that “I should have known how to take care of this”. Using meditative awareness and relaxation, you can better communicate with your body. This approach, among others, can help you overcome concerns such as depression, anxiety, anger, interpersonal conflict, and couple or family problems. I am very familiar with helping those who have suffered grief and loss, medical or health issues, as well as abuse and other traumatic experiences.


  • B.S. in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh, 1967
  • M.S. in Clinical Psychology from Florida State University, 1970
  • Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Florida State University, 1973
  • Internship in Clinical Psychology at University Hospitals of Cleveland, 1972-1973
  • Licensure: Psychologist License in Pennsylvania continuously from 1977 to the present


Since obtaining my doctorate in 1973 in Clinical Psychology, I have continuously been engaged primarily in the practice of psychotherapy and counseling. While initially working in a community mental health clinic and then as an adjunct member of a group medical practice, beginning in 1978 I have provided psychotherapy services as a private practitioner from my own office, and in the last five years as a member of a large group in the local area. In my years of practice I have gathered extensive experience working with adults, older adolescents, couples and families.

Up to the early 1990s I also worked as a consultant to public and private social service agencies, courts and correctional programs. Early in my career I did much work with children and families but have concentrated on work with adults and older adolescents for the past fifteen years or so. I worked for several years in mental health clinics in Ohio, before opening my own practice in Erie, Pennsylvania. I have had a wide range of experience in working with adults, older adolescents, couples and families.

Since moving to this area I have worked locally as a psychologist in a large group practice. I am now seeing patients at Psych Choices on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (including evenings), and on Thursday mornings.

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