Esther Perel Speaks About Intimacy and Affairs

Esther Perel Speaks About Intimacy and Affairs

Esther Perel is a world-renowned couple therapist who speaks and writes about relationships and sexuality.

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In a recently-begun video series, Perel talks compassionately and non-judgmentally about infidelity, how and why it happens, and how marriages can heal.  She also explains how to help a friend if they have recently discovered their partner has been having an affair.  Follow her video series here: Infidelity Series.

To see more of Esther Perel, check out her book or her famous TED talk.  In her book Mating in Captivity, she talks about the seemingly impossible challenge of maintaining intimacy and passion when you’ve shared a home and a bed with someone for a decade, or two or four. She also has a wonderful and much-watched TED talk on this topic, asking the million-dollar question, “Can we want what we already have?”  Watch her TED Talk here: The Secret to Desire in a Long-Term Relationship.

And on May 21, her latest TED talk is an eloquent and challenging exploration of why people have affairs.  Watch it here: Rethinking Infidelity – A Talk for Anyone Who Has Ever Loved.

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